DryWash: Waterless Washing Technology & Meeting the Future Today

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Rarely does a product have advantages to benefit different market segments. DryWash is a deep cleaning technology that uses a chemical formulation to remove soil/oils/grease, deoxidize, enhance paint gloss, and provide a protective barrier against UV and other atmospheric conditions - All without water. It has become increasingly popular in the aviation industry, particularly since the elimination of water makes scheduling exterior cleaning flexible and convenient.

During an eight-hour layover at a field base operation anywhere in the world, a full DryWash application on a wide-body aircraft facilitated in a hanger or on a ramp, can be completed while simultaneously undergoing other necessary maintenance activities.

Moreover, DryWash can be adapted to surfaces by the extent, condition, and type of soil, making interim cleaning via area wipe downs quick and efficient. Its targeted surface application helps identify signs of wear, corrosion, and metal fatigue, all required checks for safety compliance.

A well-formulated DryWash system deep cleans irregular surfaces, depositing an added barrier against paint deterioration and inhibiting further oxidation, soiling and stains. The protective coating it leaves further guards against UV and other atmospheric degradation. DryWash technology reconditions the surface enhancing gloss appearance and intensifies the vibrant color of an aircraft’s paint.

A shiny livery reinforces brand recognition and is known to impress passengers as air worthy; both solid pluses for operators. Anticipating enormous increases in air travel over the next several years, airports worldwide are examining infrastructure with sustainable water management as a top priority. The extraordinarily large amount of water airports depend on is forcing stricter conservation policies. In addition, wastewater and runoff from land-based operations like deicing, fuel spills, and wet wash pits, can cause very real problems with groundwater and soil contamination. Repurposing via capture and/or treatment is essential, but expensive.

With more airports restricting wet washing, DryWash is the perfect solution. Its waterless application deftly addresses airport concerns for conservation and environmental compliance. NUVITE Chemical Compounds offers a selection of high-quality DryWash products. Choose from NuPower II, CitriCut Xtra, or Citricut Gel. Engineered to clean, condition, protect, enhance and improve the longevity of your aircraft’s appearance, each has attributes to meet specific surface conditions.

Contact an applications engineer to find which NUVITE DryWash will deliver the best results for you. Minoo is an authorized distributor of Nuvite Drywash products in Canada and South Asia.

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