BuffPro JF180 (110V)

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The BuffPro Model JF180 Swirl Free Axial Polisher is a revolution in professional polishing!

  • Applications: Auto, Aerospace, Marine & RV
  • Does not produce swirl marks. BuffPro removes swirls made by conventional rotary buffers.
  • Save Time! BuffPro is a tool that can buff and polish just about any surface in half the time of conventional rotating disk buffers. Reduce your time by up to 50%
  • Compound Control: Axial cylinder design means that compound stays under the buffing pad, while conventional buffers fling it off to other areas.
  • Larger pad means that you can get better performance at much lower RPMs - ideal for the novice detailer
  • BuffPro offers four high quality pads that work with the widest range of compounds to cut, polish, buff and finish to the highest shine possible.
  • 110V/60Hz/10amps
  • Designed for all day use
  • 220V version available (call or e-mail for inquiries)
  • Pads sold separately
  • Lead times apply (est. 10-12 business days)