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NuGlaze® (PC2275) - Paint Sealant & Polish

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An economic alternative to Ceramic Coatings, NuGlaze is high gloss seal and UV sealant & protectant for paint surfaces in new or excellent condition. Creates an easy to clean surface repelling bugs, stains, soil, oil & carbon. Can be used on oxidized paint with preparation using NuPower II drywash. Ready to use and no dilution required. 1, 5 & 55 gallon variations available through special order. Contact us for more details.

SMI & Test Approval: AMS1650C,  Boeing D6-17487 & CSD1

OEM &  Airline Approval: Embraer

Disclaimer: When using any NUVITE product, please refer to appropriate procedures and recommendations for use and equipment, or contact a NUVITE technician for more information, unique applications and special requirements